Project Detail

This collaborative research project aims at support college students to improve learning outcome and master software testing skills through a cyberlearning environment named “WReSTT-CyLE”. This is a collaborative research efforts of four institutions supported by National Science Foundation (NSF DUE – 1225654), which is led by Florida International University.

Currently, software testing education in academic institutions is not well developed in current computer science curricula. As a result many institutions do not offer the software testing course or even concepts of quality assurance in any course. WReSTT-CyLE is an online software testing repository that provides educators and learners with online materials and socio-psychological supporting components. This project provides several learning and engagement strategies (LESs) such as gamification, collaborative learning, social interaction and networking to improve students’ knowledge of software testing in programming courses ranging from CS1/CS2 to more advanced courses with a programming component. This project is creating new cyberlearning materials on software testing and improving faculty expertise in the knowledge and use of software testing techniques and tools by (1) creating a cyberlearning environment (WReSTT - Web-based Repository of Software Testing Tutorials) that provides students and instructors with access to tutorials on software testing concepts and tools; (2) conducting workshops to develop faculty expertise in software testing and using the features in WReSTT to support pedagogy; (3) fostering students acquisition of software testing concepts and skills in undergraduate programming courses; and (4) promoting WReSTT and disseminating the research findings to the academic community.




Faculty: Dr. Yujian Fu, AAMU